View from the Liverpool tourism Liverpool Central Library - the rooftop terrace -

Liverpool next to the World Museum and Liverpool Central Library。1860It's venerable library was built in the year、In fact Toka was also or damaged by war。Things are now of what was reopened in 2013。So it is beautiful 🙂

Location is a little bit just modify the ones of the previous article。World Museum、Central Library、Walker Art Gallery and you may want to visit the three in a row。

It is a little hard to find, but the entrance is here.。Something of poetry has been written in the road that leads to the entrance。

Penetrate into from here。It has been heard me "did for the first time come?" The aunt of the guide when I was wandering around entered in the、History Toka who variously described and tell that it is so。Rooftop terrace and rebuild corner in front of the Old Fashion、I learned that it is aligned to DVD and audio book。

First, whether you went to Yara and rooftop terrace。

I came out on the roof using the escalator! ...... But, however、Since the rain was not anyone! ! I guess there are people who are at home sitting on the bench is usually。Naa Radio City Tower is conspicuous When I look around the Liverpool city doing this。

St. George's Hall to appear in front。We will introduce in the later article for in the。

This is St. John's Gardens。Regrettable that not sunny after all 😥

In the photo it's it is difficult to convey the beauty of this landscape、It was pretty exhilarating feeling。Liverpool It is good for views to far and wide because of the low building。

Now、Let's go back in because was a little break。

Try looking down from the top down。I think I love the design, such as those around this kind of round me I do not care Liverpool ;-)By the way, since the hotel is through the entire Wi-Fi will lead to the Internet。 

Old library, which taught me to aunt of usher。The interesting there is such room in a modern library。Just a fusion of modern and old。Was very quiet and not working guys seriously。

Here I wonder if it was kids corner? I wonder I wonder children if to noon but it rattles are clamoring ...... because the still early morning but why that contains the Grandma。It was also space that is have your game machine。


Be was less a little number I did not so much take a splashing photos because the Library of。Because such as those made to survive even tourist spots and library Why not visited in passing of the World Museum。

The next is the Walker Art Gallery!

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