What is Enoshima Shrine? "Ryukomyō Shrine", the oldest shrine in Kamakura

By the time I left Kenchoji Temple, it was raining a lot, so I decided to hurry back to Fujisawa Station.。I saw many umbrellas at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, which I passed by on the way.。As expected, it seems that quite a few people are sightseeing at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu even on weekday rainy days.。There were quite a few people on Komachi Street, so it was a little difficult to walk with an umbrella.。


Route map "From Kenchoji Temple to Ryukomyō Shrine" -Walk → Bus → Walk

First, pass by Tsurugaoka Hachimangu from Kenchoji Temple、Go through Komachi Street、To Kamakura Station。So get on the bus for Kamakurayama。At this time, I got on a bus called "Kama 4"、There are several destinations to Kamakurayama, so it's a good idea to check the destination.。

From there, I was swayed by a bus, passed in front of the Great Buddha, entered the mountain road, and went to Kamakurayama, the end point.。After getting off the bus at Kamakurayama、Proceed to the left from the direction of the bus、Go down the main street called Ofuna Nishikamakura Line toward Nishikamakura。304When you hit the line (Koshikoshi Ofuna line), turn left、If you go up the slope that goes to the left at the beginning and follow the road, you will arrive at Ryukomyō Shrine.。

There is also a way to get to Nishi-Kamakura Station by taking the Enoden from Kamakura Station and connecting to the Shonan Monorail from Enoshima Station.、Detour top、It costs a little money because you will use 2 routes。

It seems that there are quite a few rare tourists who go directly from Kamakura Station to Ryukomyō Shrine.、If you take this route, I recommend a bus route like me.。


"Ryukomyō Shrine" which is also known as Gozuryu Shrine

Arrived at the entrance of Ryukomyō Shrine。The rainy feet are already strong and the shoes are quite wet.。Access is not very good、It seems that it used to be in Koshigoe near Enoshima。It seems that the place was moved here in the Showa period。

From the front of the torii。A cool character called Ryukomyō Shrine is engraved on the stone monument.。It's a small story, but this shrine seems to read "Ryukou Myojinsha"。"Jinsha" instead of "Jinja"。Also the URL of the official homepage”ryukoumyoujinsya”Is it?

Now、It rains heavily so go to the precincts early。I bow at the torii and go inside。


Gozuryu is a couple with Benzaiten at Enoshima Shrine

The first thing I saw in the precincts was this dragon statue。Very good!

Actually, this Gozuryu is the husband of Benzaiten, who is enshrined at Enoshima Shrine.。This temple also has the graveyard of Hojo Tokimune、There seems to be a legend that Gozuryu, who was doing bad things, was converted when he was connected to Benzaiten.。Benzaiten is amazing enough to change the feelings of the Gozuryu by 180 degrees.、The Gozuryu who changed their minds is also wonderful.。

The five-headed dragon is enshrined at Ryukomyō Shrine、Another name is Gozuryu Shrine.。

Shinboku of Ryukomyō Shrine。

So far, I have mentioned only Gozuryu Okami.、Actually, there is another god who is worshiped at this shrine.。That is Tamayorihime。The mother of Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan、Yukihiko Yama's wife、I ’m the younger sister of Toyotama-hime.。

Therefore, there are Gozuryu Okami's and Toyotamahime's ones.。

The shrine is not that big。However, this Ryukomyō Shrine is a long-established shrine that is the oldest shrine in Kamakura.。There is an atmosphere as it is、You will be overwhelmed!


One torii gate and office of Ryukomyō Shrine

You can see the main hall in the back、The office on the right。First of all, I decided to visit the office and get a red stamp。It was information that this Ryukomyō Shrine is often absent from Mr. Miyaji.、You were lucky at this time!

Thanks to that, I was able to purchase a red stamp book、I was able to write the date on the red stamp as well.。The red stamp book is cool with a dragon pattern。Also、Since the red stamp is a memorandum, I will manage it myself at a later date.、The picture is very elaborate。I received a red stamp with Tamayorihime's life drawn on it.。

From the inside of the torii, it looks like this。


Visiting "Ryujin no Miya" at Ryukomyō Shrine

If you try to visit after receiving the red stamp、What a heavy rain that falls sideways? !!

It may be difficult to understand if it is a photo, but it is a strong sideways descent.。Going to the dragon god's palace while being thrilled as if he had been rude to God。

The front of the Dragon Palace。The rain is already strong。Not only shoes but also the bottom of the pants (crying)

There may be a prejudice that there is history, but it is a dignified temple.。

After the visit, I'm going home。From here, I returned to Fujisawa Station from the bus stop near Nishi-Kamakura Station and checked in at the hotel.。I really wanted to do more sightseeing on the first day、As expected, give up in this heavy rain。I'll rest my body for tomorrow。


Next time from Hase-dera Temple in Kamakura。

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