High-class luxury inn "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumeden" ③ ~ Meal introduction ~

Continuing from the last time, "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air bath inn YumedenIs an introduction。I heard that this ryokan has a good reputation for delicious food, so I was looking forward to it.。


Supper at Kawaguchiko Onsenji "Yumeden"

Meals will be served in a private room。When it's time to eat, the room clerk will come to the room.、The restaurant is right next to Aoi。By the way, the suite room is the main building, so it's easy to access.、Since the other guest rooms are located apart、I have to come to the main building once, so I have to walk a little。

First of all, aperitif and appetizer。Order drinks on your tablet。Music is also classical、It's a calm atmosphere。

Because it is a kaiseki dish, the items are written together。

The food is written on a piece of paper、There is a considerable volume。By the time I got the sweetness, I was full、Dessert was brought to the room。

Next to the appetizer is a bowl。

Taste the flavor of spiny lobster and cheese。

Sashimi before entering the main dish。Despite Yamanashi prefecture without the sea、I got a very fresh fish。

Grilled roast beef。

The contents were rock fish。It ’s a fish that you do n’t eat very often.。It was delicious。

Steamed food with chopsticks rest。

It was a sea bream。This also seems to be few and it is quite volumey。The lily root was a good accent。

A5 rank Japanese black beef。I was already quite hungry、This is another belly。It was very delicious 🙂

Closing rice。I can't eat anymore ...

Snow crab porridge。I have too much steak in my stomach、I couldn't afford to taste it(Lol)

I made a give-up declaration here、You said that you could bring the dessert to your room later.。I'm happy with this kind of attention.。Let's take a relaxing bath after taking an open-air bath!

After the open-air bath, what was chilled in the refrigerator in the room。It was delicious in the room while drinking tea made with a Nespresso machine.。


Breakfast at Kawaguchiko Onsenji "Yumeden"

The next day's breakfast is also in the same private room as dinner。When I entered the room, the food was already set。By the way, I put the room key in the lower left。This is big 😆

"Good morning" for seaweed。Is interesting with the characters。

After-meal dessert and coffee。I really like the desserts at this ryokan、The reason is that they serve raw fruits as they are.。At a high-class inn, the fruit is modified to make a fruit punch.、I prefer desserts to be served simply。


This is the end of the introduction of Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumeden.。I visited at the beginning of December this time、You can tell us in advance about the snow situation etc. by phone、The level of hospitality is very high。Also、I would like to visit if I have the opportunity!




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