United Nations Headquarters

■ What is the United Nations?


United Nations、An international organization established in World War II、Mainly maintaining world peace、Aiming at the development of the world economy。The representative of the United Nations Secretariat, one of the major institutions、Called the Secretary-General of the United Nations、De facto UN top。

When visiting、Please bring your passport and credit card。Although the United Nations itself is in the United States、The inside is not the United States but extraterritoriality。for that reason、A passport is required to enter。Because your belongings are also inspected、Let's leave cutlery etc. at the hotel。

Also、Tour costs about $ 20 per adult。You can pay with a credit card instead of cash、It is convenient to bring a credit card。Because the price of the tour is fluctuatingUnited Nations Visitor CenterPlease verify。12Students under the age of、13Students over the age of、60Discounted rates apply for Silver over the age。


It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

2.5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

2.5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

1.5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

1.5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

30 mimutes

30 mimutes

*For 30 minutes、Assuming you don't participate in the tour


It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

  • grand central station(Grand Central Terminal/42 St)
    • purple line 7
    • Green line 4,5,6
    • Gray S line
  • 51Chome Station(51 St)
    • Green line 4,5,6
  • Lexington Avenue Station(Lexington Av/53 St)
    • orange M line
    • blue E line



It should be noted、Please note that the entrance for tourists is located at the intersection of 47th St and 1st Ave.。The location indicated by the arrow on the map above is the entrance.。About 10 minutes on foot from each station、Also, you may have to wait in line for a few minutes, so if you have a tour reservation, you should go with plenty of time.。


Date and time when you can visit

Closed days、Sundays (closed on Saturdays in addition to Sundays in January and February) and holidays、Admission time is weekdays:9:00~16:30、Saturday:10:00~16:30is。It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".United Nations Visitor CenterPlease verify。

If you go to the United Nations, be sure to join the tour。It takes about 1 hour。if you don't join the tour、You can only enter the entrance on the 1st floor of the United Nations and the shops in the basement.。The history and mission of the United Nations、The staff will explain politely while walking in the United Nations headquarters.。All-you-can-take photos、You can ask questions from here at any time。

English tours are about every 30 minutes、Other languages ​​are held irregularly.。If you are not fluent in English、BeforehandUnited Nations Visitor Centerit is better to book at。For English tours、Because there are many technical terms、You may want to keep an eye on UN bodies such as the Security Council and the Trusteeship Council.。



If you do not have a ticket in advance with a city pass etc., you need to enter from the main gate



The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the premises is "Nonviolence":non-violence)" pistol object。this is、Produced by Swedish artist Carl Frederick Reuterswald, it appeals for the message of ``realizing a peaceful world without shooting pistols''.、It clearly expresses the significance of the existence of the United Nations.。

when you enter the building、First, go to the back left and apply for a tour.。If you apply for a tour after looking at the entrance、If you are not good at it, you will have to wait for several tens of minutes.。trying to look around、If you try to get on the elevator, the staff will warn you, so please only visit the first floor.。


The entrance is lined with images of successive United Nations Secretary-Generals! Be able to answer immediately if asked by the guide during the tour、List the names and countries of origin of past UN secretary-generals in order of their inauguration.。

  1. Trigve Lee (Norway)
  2. Doug Hammarskjold (Sweden)
  3. U Thant (Burma)、current Myanmar)
  4. Kurt Waldheim (Austria)
  5. Javier Perez Decueyar (Peru)
  6. Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egypt)
  7. Kofi A. Annan (Ghana)
  8. Ban Ki-moon (Korea)


security council hall

The Security Council、convened when the peace is threatened。The Security Council、5 permanent members (USA、England、France、Russia、China) in addition to、2It is held by 10 non-permanent members elected annually.。about the decision、As a general rule, if even one permanent member country opposes, it will not be established.。It should be noted、The official language of the United Nations is、In addition to the 4 languages ​​of the permanent members (US and UK both for English)、Spanish and Arabic are specified。


Economic and Social Board of Directors

The Economic and Social Council、Its mission is to support developing countries and relieve poverty.。UN officials、If necessary, they will be dispatched to supply supplies and labor to various places.。


Council of Trustees

The Trusteeship Council、Monitor colonies and client states、Help those regions become independent。I am currently inactive、Called ad hoc if necessary。


general meeting room

A forum for discussing issues set out in the Charter of the United Nations。There is a voting board in the conference hall.、Each country has one vote、vote for or against a decision。



Activities for world peace can be seen everywhere in the United Nations。If the huge amount of money invested in war can be used for poverty relief and economic development,、The staff explained that it can save many people。the cruelty of war、and it made me think a lot about meaninglessness。It should be noted、Souvenirs related to the United Nations、You don't see them very often around town、I think you should buy it here。

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