the statue of Liberty

■ What is the Statue of Liberty?


Statue of Liberty、The official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World".。as its name suggests、The Statue of Liberty has a timer in his right hand that illuminates the world、Declaration of Independence on the left、A torn chain and shackles at your feet、In addition, the seven protrusions on the crown indicate seven continents and seven seas.、It symbolizes the spread of freedom to the world。Also、It is also registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.、It is regarded as a property common to all humankind。

The Statue of Liberty、It was donated by France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence.。Edouard de La Brier was the central figure.。He、French legal scholar and politician at the same time、Asked Frederick Bartholdi to design the statue of the goddess。Gustave Eiffel, known as the architect of the Eiffel Tower, is also involved、The model of the statue is said to be the painting "Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Foracroix in the Louvre Museum.。



It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

5 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

4 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

4 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

3 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

3 It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".


Visitable time

The Statue of Liberty is open all year round except Christmas。Visit time is 9:00~17:00Although it is、8:30Around、9 at the latest:00You should arrive at the site before。Because、Because the Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island、You'll be heading on a ferry that departs about every 30 minutes.、This ferry is lined up。As a guide, 8:30If you arrive at、9:00I was able to get on the ferry、9:009 if you arrive a while ago:30You can take the flight。However、10Wait 1 hour and 30 minutes around the time、In addition, I often wait for several hours around noon.。I want to avoid lining up as much as possible in order to use my time effectively.。Because tour hours and closed days may be updated、Just in caseOfficial websitePlease check at。


It is also famous for being the setting for that famous movie "Night at the Museum".

Take the subway to get to the Statue of Liberty。You can go from the following lines。

  • Red track 1
    • South Ferry Station(South Ferry Loop Station)
  • Yellow R line
    • Whitehall station(Whitehall Station)
  • Green lines 4 and 5
    • Bowling Green Station(Bowling Green Station)

It's about 5 minutes walk from each station。Basically there are many tourists、If you leave the subway, you should go in the direction that everyone is heading、Let's arrive with a margin of about 10 minutes in case you happen to be alone。Although it is a guideline for arrival time、About 30 minutes from Times Square Station。



If you do not have a ticket in advance with a city pass etc., you need to enter from the main gate


ferry station

We will check your luggage。Place your baggage on the conveyor belt、Remove the metal and go through the gate。

Secure a place when you get on the ferry。If you don't want to go out, sit in a chair near the entrance and you can get out faster when you get off.。

Those who want to enjoy cruising from the top of the ferry go up to the roof deck。I have a chair、Secure a place to see the scenery outside。The first person gathers on the Statue of Liberty side、Recommended is the opposite Manhattan Island side。Moreover, the back of the ship is good。

because、The ferry will land clockwise from the left towards the Statue of Liberty、If you take the right side of the direction of travel, you can take a picture of the Statue of Liberty from the ship without being disturbed by people.。By the way, if you take the other side, it will be like this ...

Also、Because you can see the buildings of Manhattan Island from the back of the ferry、Ideally, you can enjoy the scenery of both the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Island.。

Liberty Island

Enjoy the scenery、If you take enough pictures、When you're about to arrive at Liberty Island, get down and wait near the entrance。Because there are many people on the ferry、If you try to get off after arriving at the island, it will be very crowded and time will be wasted.。

When you get off, go straight and there is a facility where you can get an audio guide on the right side。Some are available in Japanese。From here you will be traveling around Liberty Island while listening to the audio。

By the way、This audio is almost unheard of by most people。Because the content is the history of the Statue of Liberty、It seems that there are many people who are not interested。I think that such people do not have to get it from the beginning because the luggage will increase.。

This is the entrance to the Statue of Liberty。If you do not make a reservation in advance, you will not be able to enter。Because the number of visitors is limited to 240 people a day、You need to make a reservation a few months in advance。

If you go straight from the ferry terminal and hit it、From there, proceed clockwise。Ellis Island and Manhattan Island、Wide view to New Jersey。

The front of the Statue of Liberty。This area is crowded。

The last shop。The price is reasonably high。If you have the same stalls in New York City、It's cheaper there, so it might be beneficial to check in advance.

The island is small so this is the end。Next time instead of returning to Manhattan、You will be on a boat bound for Ellis Island。

Ellis Island

From New York, take a ferry to Ellis Island after Liberty Island.。Most of the island is reclaimed and made。19Period from the latter half of the century to half a century、Immigrants from Europe landed in the continental United States via this island。

The former Immigration Department has been abolished、It is now a museum。If you are interested in American history, borrow an audio guide、I think it would be good to go sightseeing with Jikkuri、Maybe it's boring for those who don't? actually、Very many people are resting on the bench in the museum。

Take the ferry from Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is over。Because there is Wall Street nearby、It would be nice to walk to the World Trade Center Building。


If you pay thousands of yen each time, you won't have any money

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