Preparation for travel

VISA application

When entering Russia (including transit, etc.)、I need a visa。If you ask a travel agency or VISA acquisition agency、It costs money, but you can get it safely without any trouble.。If you want to get it yourself, you need to get a "Travel Confirmation"、plus 9 on weekdays:30from 12:30I have to go to the Russian Embassy during。

Regarding "Travel Confirmation"、After booking your hotel stay、It will be issued by an authorized Russian company.。For example,、TravelRussiaAnd so on。Issuance fee is about 700 rubles、If you enter information on the site, you will be able to print the PDF.、In addition to that passport、Prepare one passport-sized photo and:30~12:30You will have to go to the Russian embassy during。Reception starts at 12:30because we have to be in time by、Make sure to arrive early。

About the period until obtaining VISA、The more recent, the higher the fee。If you obtain it about 2 weeks before your departure, the fee will be free, so please get it early.。


Preparation of daily necessities

1. Toothbrush/Shaving

Hotels generally don't provide toothbrushes or razors.。It takes time and effort to purchase locally、Be sure to bring。

2. Slippers/Sandals

The inside of the hotel room is for shoes、If you bring slippers or sandals, it will be comfortable when using the toilet or bath.。

3. Folding umbrella

For when it suddenly rains、Always carry a folding umbrella。When it comes to long trips、Check the weather forecast before departure、The forecast for a few days ahead may be off。


Mobile device settings

Be careful when carrying your mobile device。Traveling abroad without knowing anything、There is no end to the story of being charged a huge amount of money by a telecommunications carrier the following month.。Be sure to set the following。

1. data communication、turn off data roaming

When updating the app, etc., the terminal receives the update information without permission.、Downloading may result in high charges。Data communication and data roaming must be turned off。

2. Airplane mode is always on

When using Wi-Fi at hotels, etc.、Be sure to turn on Wi-Fi while airplane mode is on。while traveling abroad、unless there are unreasonable circumstances、Do not turn on airplane mode。Also、If you need to connect to the Internet frequently、You should make a contract for overseas Wi-Fi before traveling。


I have prepared a checklist below、I think it's a good idea to make sure you check everything before you leave。

VISA already obtained
Folding umbrella
data communication off
data roaming off
Airplane mode ON

If you pay thousands of yen each time, you won't have any money